So On and So Fourth is Here!

It’s taken two years, but So On and So Fourth is here and is available in paperback and ebook formats. The fourth Perspective series book is now widely available for you to grab at your favourite store and in your favourite format!

Where to Buy So On and So Fourth

You can get So On and So Fourth at many online bookstores already, and it will only continue to hit more shelves in coming days and weeks. You’ll already find Perspective series book 4 in the following stores:

It’s also coming soon to Barnes & Noble/Nook, Apple Books and other online bookstores.

So On and So Fourth- Perspective Series Book 4 Launch

Save On the Rest of the Perspective Series Books!

To celebrate the launch of Perspective series book 4, So On and So Fourth, you can now save on every other book in its ebook format. This is a limited time price offer, so now’s your chance to get the ebooks from the rest of the series for $3.99 each or less! Before reading So On and So Fourth, download your copies of:

Of course, all three are also available in paperback, but the limited time ultra-low price offer is for the ebooks, which can be downloaded right away!

We couldn’t be more excited about the launch of So On and So Fourth. There’s a lot more series to come, so authors Amanda Giasson and Julie B. Campbell will be getting started on book 5 of the Perspective book series very soon. Of course, as always, they still have other fun announcements up their sleeves, so don’t forget to subscribe/follow on social media to be sure you don’t miss a thing.