Pre-Order Your Copy of Perspective Book 4: So On and So Fourth

Starting today, So On and So Fourth can be pre-ordered on Amazon. If you can’t wait for your ebook copy and want to make sure you get it the moment it launches on April 20, 2021, head over to Amazon and click to pre-order your copy.

Pre-Order So On and So Fourth Now!

Pre-Order So On and So Fourth - Perspective Book 4
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Perspective Series Book 4 Launches April 20, 2021

Next Tuesday, April 20, both the ebook and the paperback editions of So On and So Fourth will launch. Pre-ordering is a great way of supporting us and of making sure that you get your copy of the book right away.

The moment the ebook is released, your copy will be automatically delivered to your Kindle account through Amazon. This way, you can read it on your favorite device (phone, computer, tablet, etc) using the free Kindle app.

Prefer paper? Or want both paperback and ebook copies? (Wow! Thanks!) The paperback will launch April 20, and you can place your order that day.

Haven’t Read Perspective Series Books 1 through 3 Yet?

If you haven’t read Perspective Series books 1 through 3 yet, you’re in luck! The first three books are available at a super-low price for a limited time!

We get it! You’ve been busy, but all of a sudden the fourth book in the Perspective book series is here and you’re finding yourself falling behind everyone else. Just for you, we’ve made sure the first three books are super-affordable. That way, you can grab them all at once and be ready for So On and So Fourth at its launch!

The first three books are:

Fallen in love with the series already? Don’t forget your copy of the Perspective series novella: Thayn Varda: An Early Journal (best read after Second Wind). Amazon Kindle Price $1.99!

Love free stuff? Read everything else and want something else from the Perspective book series to tide you over until your So On and So Fourth pre-order is automatically sent to you? Have you read It’s Early Days? It’s the short story prequel to the entire series. Check it out!

We’ll also be releasing coupon codes and making other announcements right up to the So On and So Fourth launch date, so make sure you’re following us on social media. That way, you won’t miss a thing.