Who is Irys Godeleva?

Irys Godeleva

Irys Godeleva was raised in Syliza in the Godeleva house. She was 5 cycles old when the family found her. That said, Irys has no memory or record of her life before that time, aside from a single possession: a silver ring with a purple stone, which she wears on a chain around her neck.

She grew up as one of the Godeleva family members alongside Imery Godeleva.  Imery is 7 cycles older. The Godeleva family is a wealthy and powerful one, with influence reaching as high as the Imperial Couple of Syliza.

Irys spent most of her life with Imery as company, though she was very close with Lady Godeleva until this mother figure died when Irys was a young teen. However, she rarely spent time with Lord Godeleva or other children her age, for that matter.

As Imery and Irys shared a passion for literature and anthropology, these subjects consumed a substantial amount of their time together. Irys was particularly enthusiastic about assisting Imery in researching various historical artifacts he regularly added to his collections.

Personality Traits

  • Raised sheltered and isolated, with very little understanding of the world outside Sylizan nobility
  • Has a strong sense of justice and propriety
  • Thoughtful and considerate
  • Polite and gracious
  • Modest, particularly when it comes to necklines and hemlines
  • Is easily offended by what she deems to be rude or improper
  • Wants to make a difference in the world, particularly in protecting the least fortunate
  • A faithful follower of the Great Goddess 
  • Is fiercely loyal

Likes and Dislikes

  • Loves books, learning, and applying her knowledge
  • Adores giving and receiving thoughtful gifts
  • Relishes in special one-on-one moments shared with friends and other loved ones
  • Does not like her desserts to be too sweet
  • Likes to help others to improve their situations in life
  • Enjoys learning new things about other cultures as well as her own
  • Isn’t a big fan of running or other intense physical activities that cause her to feel discomfort or pain in her Sylizan gowns
  • Doesn’t like looking rumpled or getting dirty

Irys Godeleva - Perspective series books

Irys Godeleva Fast Facts

Irys Godeleva Hair - Eggplant PurpleHair Colour – Eggplant Purple


Irys Godeleva Eyes - Lavender Eye Colour – Lavender


Height – 5’8 (172 cm)


Age (at the start of the series) – 18 cycles


Home Planet – Qarradune


Country – Syliza


Point of View of Perspective Book Series Character Irys Godeleva  is Written byJulie B. Campbell