Second Wind is the action packed sequel to the first book in the Perspective book series. The story picks up the moment Love at First Plight left off. It is followed by Third Time’s a Charmer.

Second Wind – Perspective Series Book 2

Irys Godeleva and Megan Wynters must learn to navigate new challenges as unforeseen obstacles surface, threatening their friendship…and their lives.

Sometimes you must stand against your enemies, and sometimes you must befriend them if you want to survive. Megan and Irys find themselves tangled in a web more intricate than either could have imagined.

It continues…

Second Wind Cover - 2022


The Masquerade was over but only now was I wearing the mask.

Everything appeared the same but to me it looked twisted and distorted. Megan was gone. I’d failed both my friend and my Goddess. It was time for action.  I would be a part of it.


I was trapped and afraid, but I wasn’t alone. Warriors were all around me. Who could I trust? All I could hope was that Irys was safe and that Thayn would come for me.

Until then, I would do what I had to do.

*     *     *     *     *

More About the Novel

Second Wind is the second volume in the Perspective book series.

Faced with their own internal struggles and new challenges, Irys Godeleva and Megan Wynters must navigate the waters between friend and foe with Kavylak Warriors and Sylzian Knights, as they sink deeper into Qarradune’s chaos.

Special Bonus Short Story Inside! Read “Sweet Dreams and GoodKnight” from a completely new perspective.

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Second Wind book cover - Perspective series 2
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