So On and So Fourth starts moments after we left Irys and Megan in Perspective series book 3, Third Time’s a Charmer. More books in the series to come…

So On and So Fourth – Perspective Series Book 4

Seeing the world from another perspective can shake the foundation of everything you’d previously believed.  Irys and Megan have been thrown into the centre of a fundamental shift in power, and their lives have been equally thrown off kilter as they must navigate the very thick of it.  They discover that they are suddenly asking themselves important questions about who they truly are, what they stand for, and what role they intend to play as Qarradune’s future unfolds.

It Shatters…

So On and So Fourth - Cover - 2022


Acksil and I were on the run, racing toward the Rebels of Dsumot as we tried to keep Xandon from tracking me through my dreams. Scared to fall asleep, I was afraid of where we were headed, but even more terrified of what was likely chasing us. I had to trust Acksil. I had to stand on my own feet. I would run, and I would fight to reach my home again, all the while knowing the fight wouldn’t end there.


I’d said goodbye to Thayn and had decided I was staying in Kavylak. My hope was that Xandon was the key to finding my way back home. My life on Qarradune was changing in ways I hadn’t anticipated. I hadn’t intended to make new friends, face new enemies, or find romance. Soon, I would have to make a choice that would change my life forever.

* * * * *

More About the Novel

So On and So Fourth is the fourth volume in the Perspective book series. Following Love at First Plight (Perspective book 1), Second Wind (Perspective book 2) and Third Time’s a Charmer (Perspective book3).

Special Bonus Short Story Inside! Read “Soldier On” from a completely new perspective.

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