Free Shipping in July

July is rapidly coming to an end and it’s been a busy month!

Julie and Amanda on PA System - Humberwood Downs JMA -  DEAR DayFor starters, Amanda Giasson and Julie B. Campbell finally received a few photos that were taken of them during the Humberwood Downs JMA D.E.A.R. Day event that they attended in April as guest authors. On the right is a picture of Julie and Amanda reading Julie’s children’s book “The Elephant Wolf“.

Now on to more current news…

Last week, Julie and Amanda were delighted to have Love at First Plight reviewed by talented indie author, Kat Stiles. Stiles is the author of the YA paranormal fiction novel “Connected”. Check out her blog featuring her review of Love at First Plight here.

Amanda and Julie are also pleased to announce that they have officially been invited to attend their first book club as guest authors in August. The book club will be hosted in Toronto. More details about the event will be shared as it draws near.

Finally, for those of you who haven’t yet grabbed a print copy of Love at First Plight, for a limited time, is giving you the opportunity to take advantage of Free Shipping. To get your copy with free shipping, click here, add Love at First Plight to your shopping cart and use the Coupon Code: JLS15 during checkout. It’s that easy! The offer is valid until July 27.

Have a great weekend!