Take the Love at First Plight character quiz!

Good Sunday to you!

Have you read Love at First Plight? If so, you may feel that you identify with one of the main characters more than the other; you might feel that you are more like Megan Wynters or that you are more like Irys Godeleva. If you want a fun way to test your theory, or if you just want to take a super fun, fast, and free personality quiz, click here and find out if you are more like Megan or Irys. Don’t forget to post your results!Love at First Plight in Nautica Library

In other news, Love at First Plight has made its way to its very first library shelf! The Nautica library in Barrie, Ontario became the first to own a copy!! The authors wish all Nautica library members a happy read!

Last, but certainly not least, Julie and Amanda are thrilled to announce that they have officially started writing the sequel to Love at First Plight. The authors are pleased with their progress and are looking forward to once again sharing the perspectives of Megan and Irys in book 2 of Perspective. Keep checking back for more updates!

Have a great week 🙂