Nautica Book Club Visit a Success!

Nautica Book Club - Nov 11, 2015Perspective book series authors Amanda Giasson and Julie B. Campbell were pleased to be invited as guests to the Nautica Book Club in Barrie, Ontario on November 11, 2015. For two hours, they enjoyed discussing Love at First Plight with 18 avid and very enthusiastic readers.

The authors partook in a reading of their book and were thrilled to answer questions about Love at First Plight, the world of Qarradune, and their unique creative writing process. Members of the book club found it fascinating when Giasson and Campbell explained how they collaborate and evolve their ideas together to bring the stories and perspectives of Megan Wynters and Irys Godeleva to life.

Nautica Book Club - Nov 11, 2015 (group discussion)Both authors had a wonderful time and greatly appreciated how welcome the Nautica Book Club made them feel. Campbell and Giasson agreed that the experience was not only warm and enjoyable, but also inspiring. In fact, the authors were so inspired when they left, that when they returned home that evening, they wrote more of book 2!

More news about the Love at First Plight sequel is coming soon!Thank You Card from Nautica Book Club