What you see isn’t always what you get. Find Your Perspective.

The world of Qarradune is everything from a living nightmare to a fantastical land of wonders.  It is a place where genuine beauty and true horror thrive. The hard part is knowing the difference between them.

Megan Wynters and Irys Godeleva find themselves at the centre of this fantasy universe and have been knotted into its fabric of danger, thrills, romance, and lies.  See it all unravel through their points of view, as their choices make the difference between living a fairytale and facing a death sentence.

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Love at First Plight

Love at First Plight - Perspective book series 1The first novel in the Perspective book series, Love at First Plight has now been published and is can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks and your favourite online bookstore.






Second Wind

Second Wind book cover - Perspective series 2The second novel in the Perspective book series, Second Wind is available in ebook and paperback format.  Check it out at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo.  Don’t see it at your favorite bookstore?  Simply request it from them.  They’ll be sure to stock it for you.




It’s Early Days

It's Early Days - Book CoverThe short-story prequel to Love at First Plight, this ebook tells the story of Gveyldna, a young woman from Gbat Rher on Qarradune. Gveyldna may have survived the war that ravaged her country, but her  struggles aren’t over yet.

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Thayn Varda: An Early Journal

Thayn Varda An Early Journal book cover - Perspective series 2.5We can’t tell you how we got our hands on it, but this is Thayn Varda’s own journal from before he became the Commander of the Knights of Helios we know and love (and fantasize over) today!  This novella is best read after Second Wind.






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